Government of Paraguay formalizes tax on gaming and sports betting prizes

From now on, ANJ will point out new paths for the local market. One of the focuses in this new year will be the review of most public gambling policies and the regulator confirmed that it plans to place a lot of emphasis on consumer protection. Although the number of players has remained relatively at the same level over the years, there has been an increase in the number of high-risk players, with the number rising from thousand to thousand from to the present day. As a result of this increase, ANJ wants to dedicate a large part of its efforts to public health issues, which it will use as a basis for defining new regulations for the French market. ANJ, however, has not clarified what types of controls it intends to implement.

Government of Paraguay tries to leverage the economy with new measures

Among the various conditions imposed on interested companies, they will have to have a bank account with an Angolan financial institution, as well as identify all their shareholders. It is also mentioned that the payment of the prizes will be made in national currency kwanza and through bank transfers. The new regulation establishes that the entities will have to install and maintain a technical system for the exploitation of online gaming and betting, create a registration and an account for each player, define the bonus allocation policy, as well as pay the prizes in the amount informed. Companies are also required to have a bank account at an Angolan financial institution, at a national address, for all transactions related to the activity of online gambling and betting, as well as ensuring compliance with current Angolan laws on the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism. The regulation also states that the totality of the share capitular of the exploiting entities must be represented by shares, which allow the issuer of the license to know the identity of the respective holders, being obligatory the communication to the body responsible for the supervision of games all acts or businesses that imply the acquisition, transmission or encumbrance of these shares within 30 days, counting from the date on which the company became aware of the act or business in question.

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