Diario de Pernambuco. Notes Abstract: The Diario de Pernambuco is acknowledged as the oldest newspaper in circulation in Latin America see : Larousse cultural ; p. The issues from offer insights into early Brazilian commerce, social affairs, politics, family life, slavery, and such. Published in the port of Recife, the Diario contains numerous announcements of maritime movements, crop production, legal affairs, and cultural matters.


Spectacular celebrations Celebrating the New Year Madeira style with over years of festive history Festas da passagem de ano na Madeira com mais de anos de história. This edition marks the eighth anniversary of Essential Madeira Islands and it is always special for us to celebrate this occasion during such an exciting festive period in Madeira such as Christmas and New Year. In this issue we revisit the tradition of this season and explore the reasons behind it being such an engaging period. The reason for this is possibly because it is such an earnest and firmly-rooted tradition, as the first New Year fireworks on the island were carried out over years ago. We would like to remind you that you can subscribe to our magazine and become a member of the Essential Club! It sure is worth it! Acredite que vale a pena! It is part of a five volume iconographic collection and was recently launched by the Regional Archive of Madeira. This new collection focuses on image as a means of record and of providing information.

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