Jair Bolsonaro Independent. General elections are scheduled to be held in Brazil on 2 October to elect the PresidentVice President and the National Congress. Under ruling by the Superior Electoral Courtpolitical parties must allocate part of their lists and air-time during election campaign to black candidates. Voting in Brazil is allowed for citizens over 16 years old and mandatory for those between 18 and 70 years old. Those who do not vote in an election and do not later present an acceptable justification such as being absent from their voting location at the time must pay a fine of 3.

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O resultado global com base no modelo-vivo de efeitos fixos mostrou que valores maiores de IMC estao diretamente associados ao baixo desempenho no KTK. The objective of this systematic review and meta-analysis study was to analyze the relationship between body mass index BMI and the motor performance by the KTK test in healthy children. Studies published in English and Portuguese until October were considered. Meta-analysis was performed using the Comprehensive Meta- Analysis V2 software. A total of 10 studies were included. The overall result based on the fixed effects model showed that higher values of the BMI are directly associated with low performance in the KTK. Studies have shown different characteristics as the sample size and the age of the subjects, and none of them have analyzed the maturational status of the participants. Based on these results, there is a trend of a positive relationship between high values of BMI and low performance in the KTK. Keywords: meta-analysis, adolescent, anthropometry, motor activity.


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